Last weekend I turned 31. Every year, around my birthday, I spend some time reflecting. I reflect on the past year, my life, my hopes and dreams, what I want to do and hope to achieve during the upcoming year. I’m also a staunch believer in doing something celebratory, something I really want to do, just for me.

Besides all of this, I also visited a book-fair last weekend. I checked out publishers’ stalls and new books. I did a bit of market research for the book I am working on writing. There were a couple of book related speeches and interviews at the fair, and I decided to attend one of those as well. Someone whom interviews authors for a living talked to three different authors. She started interviewing two fresh young adult writers, whose second books were about to be released. Then she spoke to a young adult writer who has been publishing books since what sounded like forever. They spoke about the different reasons for writing and why they wrote themselves, how their writing process worked, what kind of stories they liked to tell and what kind of stories they were planning to tell in the future, while scrupulously avoiding spoilers. It was beautiful glimpse into how other people think about and approach the art of storytelling.

Now, I love to write and tell stories, to think about and exchange ideas about the art of storytelling. So, not surprisingly, I left feeling inspired.

I also left thinking about the fact that while I had been thinking about starting I blog about writing, the stories I’m trying to tell and the art of storytelling for ages, I still hadn’t actually done it. So, as a late birthday present to myself, I decided it was time to finally start this blog.

While I plan to post mostly about stories, books and storytelling, I will also write about things that inspire me, occupy my mind a lot or provide me with food for thought. I hope, in turn, that the things that make me think, will provide inspiration and food for thought for all of you who spend time here reading my posts.

Which leaves me with the parting note for this first post on my writing-blog: I wish you all lots of inspiration and hope to see you here again!

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