New Years Wishes and Resolutions

It’s currently the third day of 2015. I like to take some time to reflect now and again. The beginning of the new calendar year is a nice excuse for me to actually take some time and do just that. When you reflect upon your life, your choices and your actions, it is almost inevitable that you run into some things you like less. Even if you’re happy with most of the things you’ve done, and most of the choices you’ve made, there is almost always some room for improvement. Which is why I’m also a firm believer in new years resolutions.

Looking at the last year, I am very happy with a lot of the things I have done, especially with regards to storytelling and writing. I went out and told an interactive story of my own, wrote a lot, had a couple of incredible meet ups with local aspiring writers, competed in a couple of competitions I wanted to enter and -finally- started this blog.

What I am a little less excited about, is the happenstance pattern my writing has. I tend to write when the mood strikes me. This is not a rare occurrence, but the busier I get the less often it happens. And when I am relatively busy, I can’t just drop everything because I feel like writing. So I write a lot less. For instance, December was a very busy month for me. I wrote a fair bit the first week, then got boggled down so much that I didn’t write much until I was well into the days I’d taken off around Christmas and New Years’ Eve.

This was not the only month that happened last year, but a bit extreme, to the point that I did not manage to finish all the alterations to Obsidian I had wanted to make. I ended up giving myself one month of extension on that ambition for 2014 in order to preserve my sanity, but I am not very happy I had to do that. I tend to make my deadlines, whether I set them for myself or not. I am proud of that, and mind not making it a fair bit. So next year, I plan to write regularly. A little bit every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes. And at least one longer period a week, like an evening or afternoon. This might be too ambitious, but even if I get close, I’ll write a lot more regularly. Hopefully I’ll manage to extend that to this blog. I plan and hope to be making at least one post a week.

Next to new years resolutions, I realized that, according to my statistics, there are actually a couple of people out there actually reading my blog. To all of you reading this: thank you! Writing things down and posting them online, is most worthwhile if there people out there reading it. For all of you that are aspiring writers like me, I wish you a lot of inspiration, enjoyment in writing and productive writing sessions this coming year. And to everyone, writer or not, I hope that for you 2015 will be filled with wonder, inspiration and happiness!


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