Sparkles and Starlight

I don’t do it often, and I’m not particularly good at it, but every now and again I draw or manipulate images, to create something new. Mostly, I create images either to illustrate a story, concept, or idea. Or to serve as a group background on Facebook, because the blankness can bother me.

When I’m working on images I have a clear preference as to what kind of images I make. I’m either trying to create a some kind of atmosphere, an imagine that inspires a certain kind of associations or feelings, or I’m trying for a spark of magic and mystery. This is also something I value in the art I take the time to watch. Either a clear mood and setting, or pictures that are somehow wondrous, magical and potentially thought inspiring.

In my stories, I always try to depict a clear atmosphere. I always make sure my stories have something to say. However, the closer my stories get to being written mostly for entertainment, the more important a sparkle of magic and/or mystery becomes to me. Elements that I enjoy thoroughly in my own entertainment. Elements I wish to share with others, in the hopes they give them as much joy as they do me.

What kind of art do you value? And is this something you aspire to create yourself?


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