A Community of Books

The last couple of months, I’ve been going to more cons. In part this was because of convenience, since there were wild cons appearing almost in my backyard, so it was very easy to attend. Most cons sell cool things, and provide a convenient platform to discover new things. In part, though, I guess it is also because I have been looking for something.

Both reading and writing are fairly solitary exercises. This fact is fine on it’s own, but if you love reading and writing and want to talk face to face about the things you are passionate about to others, it is problematic. There are many websites and online communities that offer platforms to talk about both. But while talking to others online is fun, educational and worthwhile, I find that talking to physically present people about books and writing every now and again is important to me as well.

For writing, I’ve mostly got this covered with my writing group. We meet regularly and discuss the things related to writing that occupy our minds at length. For reading, I have also gathered a small group of people, but we just can’t seem to manage getting the group together. So I’ve been looking for places where other book-enthusiast congregate. Looking for places where people exchange ideas about reading, books and stories. A community of book-fans.

So far, it has been a partial success. I find that if the con has an extensive program with smaller program items, not just the items for hundreds of people at once, I find what I am looking for. The exchange of ideas about reading. But the massive things, while fun, are too anonymous for this. The irony is that it’s the bigger, more established cons that so far appear to have more of the program items I am looking for. Not the smaller or the newer cons. The disadvantage of wild cons appearing, is that they tend to be either on the smaller or the newer side, or both. Fortunately, if they’re successful, time tends fix both these issues. Here’s to hoping for the future 😉 And perhaps in the meantime I’ll try a more established con abroad.

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