I am a fledgling writer and scholar of books. I read a lot, love to write and greatly enjoy talking, writing and exchanging ideas about both. I also have the nasty habit of making sentences too long. I’m trying to kick that. Really 😉

While I dream of one day writing professionally, I tend to have ‘day jobs’ that I greatly enjoy and that allow me to make a difference. My day jobs tend to be very far from writing fiction though, especially fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction, the realm of most of my stories. To prevent confusion I decided to use a pen name. Lise Rozenrood references to my own name, my love for fairy tales and my heritage. I leave you to figure out which is which.

Besides my love for stories and storytelling, I find the world around me endlessly fascinating. I tend to think about almost everything. This led to a couple of college degrees, cause I couldn’t manage to stick to one subject. As a former teacher, I also care passionately about education itself. Finally, I share my house with a wonderful man, a very hungry baby and two opinionated cats.

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