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An Editing State of Mind

I just spend well over an hour organizing my e-mail. My brain is looking for structure and organization, and by imposing order on the world, it is easier to impose order on itself. A mindset that doesn’t lend itself overly well to writing new things, but which works perfectly well for editing. And reading. Which I have both been doing.

On reading, I have greatly enjoyed Anne Bishop’s new book, Lake Silence, which was set in the world of the Others, but featured a new set of characters. The book really shows off her world-building, something I believe she is one of the very best at of all the authors I have ever had the pleasure to read. The new story is interesting as always, and I like that she has a main character that is both a little older and damaged by the world. A lot of successful books in Urban Fantasy have a young and supremely attractive main character, so I greatly enjoy it when someone breaks this pattern.

Next, I also read the new book by Patricia Briggs, Burn Bright, in the Alpha and Omega series. Every time I wonder how she manages to keep building on her world, expanding the story and the characters evermore, while still drawing from her existing character-set. This is extra impressive because she is a master at information management. She provides her readers with the information relevant for the scene, slowly unfolding the story throughout her books, but generally little more. To the point that if what feels like a side-story or a side-note always ties back into the main story arch, and that I have started spotting upcoming plot-twists by the side-stories taking up too much space…

Outside of that I have gone back to Obsidian, once again. I want to send it to a publisher and an agent somewhere in the next month and a half. I have polished so often, that that should be enough time(I know, I have been intending to do this ‘soon’ ever since I started this blog – one day I will manage).

Afterwards, I want to take a stab at finishing one of my many unfinished novels. In the end, I am more of a novelist then a short story writer. If new stuff comes up, though, I may start on a submission to the Paul Harland-contest, a Dutch contest for speculative fiction. I have been intending to participate again. But I am getting ahead of myself. First thing on the menu: editing Obsidian. Once more into the breach 😉

Writing and the baby

Last year I was pregnant, and towards the end of the year, I became mother of a beautiful little girl. This, not surprisingly, has impacted writing.

During the second half of the pregnancy, there was a bit of time where I wrote a lot. Then my head was so full that playing games was a challenge, and the only new books that worked for me were Young Adult, with their less complicated plot-lines. Mostly I was comfort reading, rereading series that I know well and love deeply.

When my daughter Aurora was born late November, the first couple of weeks were surviving. All went well, but learning to take care of a baby is a lot of work. Mostly I was watching a lot of shows, not even reading. Slowly, as the new life is settling in, there are less things I need to figure out and she is sleeping for slightly longer stretches during the night, I am slowly writing again.

So far it’s a stolen 5 minutes here and there. I don’t expect for it to become much more, but with a little luck, I will be able to go to 15 minutes of writing every day in a week or two. Who knows, maybe I will be very lucky and will be able to expand those 15 minutes to an hour of writing a day in a few months. I’ll try and update the blog every now and again, when time allows and inspiration for blog posts (and not stories) strikes.


I have been supremely busy and not writing much. So, also not blogging much. I am expecting a baby though, and *have* to take it a little easier. Since I need to sit more, I am hoping to convert that into some more writing time again. I miss writing. So here’s to hoping I will manage to write more, instead of just sit more and watch/read stuff.

Working on projects

Apparently my goal for this year, to post every week, isn’t going to happen. However, I am still writing, and working on other types of stories. I’m thinking of picking up an old project again in November. A project I’ve worked on a fair bit, but which still needs oceans of TLC to come any closer to being done. I am not starting a new project for November Novel Month, like I did last year. I want to finish projects before I start another large scale project. While there are plenty of cool ideas to go after, I am still very excited about some of the projects in progress. And as long as I don’t finish the story itself, it’s hard to share with others. So time to type more!

Life Strikes Again

So. Life has really been catching up on me this year. After a really rough patch, I entered a really good one. I got to move to a bigger house. Which my love and I, being the avid collectors of books, movies, and items for our interactive theatre hobby, really, really needed. However, writing, when I could barely reach my computer past all the boxes… not so much… Then, when the writing was slowly returning as we were clearing boxes, my grandfather passed away. Which cluttered up the writing even more and slowed down the disappearance of boxes…

So a couple months of silence. Doubtlessly, though, when there are less boxes and I am coming to terms with the new house (I love the house but moving is not something I am particularly good at) there will be lots and lots of writing again.

For now, I have spent a lot of time watching tv, rewatching old movies and shows. Firefly and the Chronicles of Riddick work excellently for me at times like this. Slowly I have started watching new things again as well. This seems to be a really good year for science fiction. I am loving it.

Also, I picked up a new book. It took me a week to get into it, but A discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness got its grubby little claws in me, and I finished all three books in the series in no time. I really liked what she did with several kinds of supernatural lore, but I will go into this in a separate post.

A Slightly High Dosage of Life

It’s been a rough couple weeks, causing me to completely miss several weekly posts.

It was one of those times where ‘life happens’, where the dose of life happening was a little higher then I strictly speaking would prefer. With two deaths, a birth, a lot to do at work, the flu and leakage in our bathroom in the wake of a conference which was awesome but left a lot of information and impressions to process, I’m now hoping for a couple of more quiet-like weeks, so I can process and start writing things down.

Now, I haven’t completely shut down or anything- I had that experience once as a teenager, when even more life happened then it did now and every piece of it was bad, and I hope to never again experience that numb bleakness before the pain hit a couple of days later. But to write about my impressions and thoughts, I need some semblance of brain space to sort them.

Fortunately this does not matter for my creative writing – a whole new story materialized out of nowhere the past couple of weeks. It’s my way of coping. Sometimes difficult, sometimes highly convenient. Especially since I also clean a lot. So now my house is sort of sparkly, and my word count is up…


So for the last week and a half, I’ve spent most of my time sick at home. Sometimes, when I get sick, I can write just fine. A little slower, and I need to check everything twice for weird sentences and words that sounded better to my fever-clogged brain then they do on paper, but still. This time, however, not so much. It’s been a real struggle to get myself to pick up the pen at all.

What I have written wasn’t half bad, but it was just less then I would have liked. Less then I could written if I hadn’t gotten sick, even though I spent almost all of my time at home. So here’s to hoping I won’t get a relapse, and will be able to write more during the next couple of weeks.

New Years Wishes and Resolutions

It’s currently the third day of 2015. I like to take some time to reflect now and again. The beginning of the new calendar year is a nice excuse for me to actually take some time and do just that. When you reflect upon your life, your choices and your actions, it is almost inevitable that you run into some things you like less. Even if you’re happy with most of the things you’ve done, and most of the choices you’ve made, there is almost always some room for improvement. Which is why I’m also a firm believer in new years resolutions.

Looking at the last year, I am very happy with a lot of the things I have done, especially with regards to storytelling and writing. I went out and told an interactive story of my own, wrote a lot, had a couple of incredible meet ups with local aspiring writers, competed in a couple of competitions I wanted to enter and -finally- started this blog.

What I am a little less excited about, is the happenstance pattern my writing has. I tend to write when the mood strikes me. This is not a rare occurrence, but the busier I get the less often it happens. And when I am relatively busy, I can’t just drop everything because I feel like writing. So I write a lot less. For instance, December was a very busy month for me. I wrote a fair bit the first week, then got boggled down so much that I didn’t write much until I was well into the days I’d taken off around Christmas and New Years’ Eve.

This was not the only month that happened last year, but a bit extreme, to the point that I did not manage to finish all the alterations to Obsidian I had wanted to make. I ended up giving myself one month of extension on that ambition for 2014 in order to preserve my sanity, but I am not very happy I had to do that. I tend to make my deadlines, whether I set them for myself or not. I am proud of that, and mind not making it a fair bit. So next year, I plan to write regularly. A little bit every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes. And at least one longer period a week, like an evening or afternoon. This might be too ambitious, but even if I get close, I’ll write a lot more regularly. Hopefully I’ll manage to extend that to this blog. I plan and hope to be making at least one post a week.

Next to new years resolutions, I realized that, according to my statistics, there are actually a couple of people out there actually reading my blog. To all of you reading this: thank you! Writing things down and posting them online, is most worthwhile if there people out there reading it. For all of you that are aspiring writers like me, I wish you a lot of inspiration, enjoyment in writing and productive writing sessions this coming year. And to everyone, writer or not, I hope that for you 2015 will be filled with wonder, inspiration and happiness!